Security Cameras

cctv security camera in an airport waiting zoneSecurity Cameras are everywhere these days.  Video recording solutions are virtually a given when it comes to today’s security requirements.  The ability to monitor your home or business remotely has become a necessity, and usable high quality recordings are needed in order to provide identify when a crime is committed or an insurance claim is made.

The days of grainy, low-res, analog video from old security cameras are over and gone.  State-of-the-art technologies such as IP video, High Definition-Digital Serial Interface(HD-SDI), and High Definition-Analog(A-HD) provide full HD images starting out at 720p(or megapixel equivalent) minimum, and only get better from there.  This enables you to retain video that is actually usable for identifying persons and events.

Movement of traditional video surveillance systems to “smarter” IP based systems allows us to do things that simply were not possible before.  Fisheye cameras can do the job of several cameras using a hemispherical lens, and an advanced de-warping algorithm.

Insight is pleased to offer brands like Axis, Mobotix, Geovision, IPConfigure, OnSSI, and Alibi; and can design cutting-edge Video Surveillance solutions for anything from an economy priced home system that gives your family peace of mind, or more complex options for medical facilities, government applications, or retail.
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